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How much does a Mensa meal cost and how can I pay?

The menu price is currently (January 2023):

  • for students: 2.90 euros
  • for staff: 4.90 euros
  • for guests: 6.10 euros

You can find our price list for side dishes here:

In our canteens and cafeterias, you can pay easily and without cash using the integrated payment function in your student ID card. This means that your student ID card is also your canteen card. You can top up your student ID card at the card machine, which you will find in front of or in our canteens or cafeterias - unfortunately it is not possible to top up at the cash desks of the canteens and cafeterias. Our card machines accept payments with the girocard (EC card), also contactless. There is also a top-up machine at each campus that accepts cash (notes only).

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I am neither a student nor a staff member - can I still eat in the canteen?

Guests - i.e. everyone who is neither enrolled nor employed at the University of Koblenz or the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences - can pay in our canteens and cafeterias with girocard (EC card) and soon also with credit and debit cards. In the canteens, the guest price is automatically calculated when paying with these cards. Students and employees should therefore continue to pay with their canteen card in order to receive the discounted prices.

In addition, guests who regularly eat in our canteens and cafeterias can get a guest card at the top-up machine and top it up with at least 5 euros as a deposit. Since the top-up machine does not give any change, any difference is booked as a credit. We recommend topping up with at least 15 euros for the first time - this covers the deposit and a guest menu. At the RheinAhrCampus in Remagen, guest cards can be purchased in the cafeteria.

You can return the guest cards at the checkout in the cafeterias or in our service office (see contact below). We will then transfer the remaining balance including the deposit to your account.

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Can I take my canteen meal to go?

Of course! The canteens offer various packaging options:

  • Reusable containers: deposit €4.00 to €6.00 depending on size, return to the vending machines
  • Own containers
  • Disposable packaging: Extra charge €0.30

Coffee cups are also available from us as practical reusable cups!

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What does the Studierendenwerk Koblenz pays attention to when shopping for groceries?

We want to use our resources responsibly. That's why we pay attention to the origin as well as the quality of our food. We usually buy fresh meat from the region (e.g. from the Eifel) and the potatoes also come from farmers nearby. We only use eggs from free-range, prefer MSC-certified fish and use organic products whenever possible. Our coffee is 100 % fair trade, and we also offer fair trade snacks in our cafeterias.

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How do I find out which ingredients and allergens a canteen dish contains?

All ingredients and allergens that must be declared are listed with numbers in the menu plan behind the respective dish. You can find a list of all ingredients and allergens as well as the respective identification number here and on the notice boards in all canteens.

Most of the food we use does not contain any additives that need to be declared. Many products are prophylactically labelled by the manufacturer with a note about possible traces. We have decided not to label the manufacturer's information on "traces". The term "traces" refers to a possible content of minute amounts of allergenic foods that may unintentionally get into products. This can happen, for example, if hazelnuts are also processed in a production facility for chocolate and they pass through the same machines one after the other. The possible content of allergens is so low that it has no effect in most cases.

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I cannot eat certain foods for health reasons - can I get a meal according to my needs?

If you are dependent on special food for health reasons (e.g. lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, allergy to certain foods), we are happy to offer you a menu that is adapted to your needs. Please consult the respective kitchen manager in advance.

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Can my child eat in the canteen at a reduced price/free of charge?

With the "Kids for free" card, children up to the age of 10 can eat for free in our canteens when accompanied by a parent. You can find all the information here.

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How can I, as an organiser (within the university), pay for my guests in the canteen?

University-internal organisers (university members and university institutions/organisations) can use our credit card in the canteens and cafeterias to pay for their guests without having to top it up first. The organisers will then receive an invoice from us. The credit cards can be applied for in the service office with Anna Aldorf (university campus) or Jutta Kurth (RheinMoselCampus and RheinAhrCampus) - please allow a few days' notice.

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Do I have to register as an internal university organiser if I want to eat in the canteen with a larger group?

We ask that visits with more than 10 guests to the canteen be announced at least 5 working days in advance so that our canteen can plan accordingly.

Depending on the number of guests, it is possible that staffing and stock levels in the refectory may be insufficient. We therefore ask for brief information if it is foreseeable in advance that more than 50 people may wish to visit the canteen at the same time (possibly to wind down after an event).

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