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News and current information always appear on the screens and beamers in the lobby, dining hall and bistro at the university.

Whether it's your study group, institute or students' initiative, here you can broadcast your information. Do you want to use these display areas to reach a lot of students?

Do you want to point to unique lectures, colloquia or lecture series?

Then you have come to the right place. Create your presentation with the help of our templates and contact Mrs. Dr. Birgit Förg (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Mr. Manfred Bauer (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

In case you're interested to advertise for your company or place your employment ads at the uni as an outsider, please contact wizAI solutions. The wizAI solutions team will gladly counsel you and help you create your advertisements according to your wishes.

Phone: 0261-8854444
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More information:

Eine  Möglichkeit der Studienfinanzierung die oft ungenutzt bleibt, ist die Beantragung eines Stipendiums.  Dabei ist die Unterstützung durch ein Stipendium die beste Möglichkeit der Studienfinanzierung, weil die erhaltene Förderung nicht zurückgezahlt werden muss.  

Viele Studierende bewerben sich nicht für ein Stipendium weil sie glauben, das sei nur etwas für Streber oder Leute mit Einser-Abitur.  Der Kriterienkatalog  für die Gewährung  aber  ist vielfältig, es werden nicht nur Hochbegabte gefördert. Stipendiengeber sind in der Regel Parteien, die Kirchen, der Staat, die Wirtschaft oder private Stiftungen.

Wer die Beantragung eines Stipendiums in Betracht zieht, sollte viel Zeit für die Suche nach der richtigen Stiftung einplanen. Je genauer das Stiftungsziel auf den Bewerber zutrifft, desto größer sind die Erfolgschancen. Zu beachten ist, dass Studierende, die bereits mit öffentlichen Mitteln wie BAFöG gefördert werden, sich die Bewerbung um ein Stipendium sparen können, da eine doppelte Finanzierung prinzipiell ausgeschlossen ist.

 Hilfreiche Internetadressen zum Thema Stipendium:

Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft,Stipendiendatenbank, Stipendienlotse, Begabtenförderungswerke,, Aufstiegsstipendium

Stipendieninfos der Uni Koblenz

Carpool flincSave money and protect the environment!

The carpool flinc came into being in 2008 through an idea of students at Darmstadt. Compared to other carpools, flinc is considerably more spontaneous and dynamic; people can even get a lift on parts of journeys. By the exact placing of an address there is no need to arrange meeting points. This is why flinc is especially useful for commuter and short journeys. In addition, flinc combines getting a lift with carsharing offers. Flinc is integrated into a social network and, thus, it aims to develop into a mobility network.

Trouble with the landlord, ambiguities concerning state funding for students (BAföG) or other queries which could require the help of a solicitor? If yes, no problem. We offer legal advice for students free of charge through a local Koblenz law firm.

The advice contains verbal information in all areas prior to legal proceedings. Representing the client in court, the drafting of written pleadings and any legal costs cannot be covered. You can make use of the following kinds of legal advice: rent law, labour law, family law, law concerning foreigners, criminal law, questions regarding BAföG, legal affairs relating to daily life.

The advice will be given on a fixed day, every Thursday from 4 to 5 pm. This means that students can appear at the law firm during this period of time with their certificate of eligibility.

Certificates of eligibility for claiming legal advice through the Student Service Organisation can be obtained from the following places:

Campus Koblenz: Service Office
RheinMoselCampus: Service Office
RheinAhrCampus: Service Office
WesterwaldCampus: Service Office

Please bring your current student ID card.

Important information!

It is not possible to additionally purchase the Remagen semester ticket for students at the Koblenz Universities or the Koblenz semester ticket for students at Remagen, as the semester ticket is based upon a solidarity principle. That means that no matter how often public transport is used, on enrolment every student pays the price for the semester ticket as a solidarity contribution.


Please note the information on the different semester ticket offers on the various campus pages.