in the halls of residence of the student service organisation

We offer inexpensive accommodation in 2 halls of residence in Koblenz with a total of 414 places and in one hall of residence in Remagen with 102 places. Living in our student halls of residence means living in the vicinity of the universities, calculable rent, contact to fellow students, Internet inclusive, and much more.

Please apply early. Only on the signing of the contract will you need to present your enrolment receipt.

Please note the campus web pages:

Campus University of Koblenz - Koblenz Metternich RheinMoselCampus - Koblenz Karthause RheinAhrCampus - Remagen

Koblenz Metternich

Koblenz Karthause



Housing markets in Koblenz and Remagen

Please consider the housing exchanges for Koblenz and Remagen as well as the notices upon the bulletin board. You can find a suitable flat or a room more easily there because many attractive accommodation offers neither make it onto the Internet nor into the daily newspaper. You can find the notice boards at the Student Service Organisation, in the lobby of the dining hall (Mensa), in the foyer of the library and at the larger auditoriums.
A lot of flat-for-rent notices can usually be found there at the start of a semester. Do also put up your own want ads.

Private landlord offers

The Student Service Organisation accepts accommodation offers from private landlords via email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. phone 0261 9528-546) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., phone 0261 287-1123 and publishes them on the homepage of this housing exchange. We advise students on looking for suitable accommodation.

Contact addresses (see right)

Contact: Student Accommodation

Kos, Ulrike Kos, Ulrike Sachbearbeitung Studentisches Wohnen Wohnanlagen "Simmerner Straße", Koblenz und "Von-Cramm-Straße 5-7", Remagen
Müller-Tiegges, Ute Müller-Tiegges, Ute Sachbearbeitung Studentisches Wohnen Wohnanlagen "Auf dem Hellen Weyer", Koblenz und "Von-Cramm-Straße 10", Remagen
Dickopf, Jörg Dickopf, Jörg Hausmeister | Koblenz