Loan Society for Students in Rhineland-Palatinate (particularly for the final exam completion)

After a meticulous review of the need, this loan will be granted to students enrolled at a University in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate and looked after by a student service organisation. It is designed to enable the borrower to complete his or her studies and to relieve him or her from any financial distress during his or her final examination.

The maximum loan amount is currently €1,800. The monthly payback to the Landeshochschulkasse bank account is fixed at €150 and is to be carried out in 12 monthly rates, beginning at the latest 3 months after the end of the studies. The loan can also be paid back in a lump sum.

Support Loans

...can be applied for by students facing a temporary financial emergency, which they got into through no fault of their own. A maximum of €800 per semester will be granted interest-free. If the sum of loans granted to the applicant by the Student Service Organisation exceeds €1,600, at least one loan needs to be paid off first before the borrower can apply for another one.

Please also note that on the application for the second loan the applicant needs to provide surety.

Generally, loans need to be paid back 3 months after the end of studies, but at the latest 15 months after the end of the regular duration of study within a period of 12 months in one lump sum or in rates.

Support Grant

Students who face a considerable financial emergency and who are at least in their third higher semester can apply for social support in the form of a grant once every semester. However, the applicant is expected to have at first considered all other possibilities for raising funds, such as, for instance, the application for a loan etc.

A maximum amount of €300 is granted once and generally does not need repaying.

Emergency Assistance Fund

International students enrolled at one of the Koblenz Universities who have got into a financial emergency have the opportunity to apply for financial support from the emergency assistance fund for international students.

This support is only granted insofar as the State Scholarship Foundation of Rhineland-Palatinate makes financial resources available to the Student Service Organisation. The amount of the grant, which generally does not need repaying, is up to €400. Only in justified individual cases can a higher amount be granted.

Free Meals Programme

Free meals (free dining hall food) can be given out to those in need, justified by their social situation. A maximum of 30 free meals during lunch or dinner time can be granted per semester.


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