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Starting a university course is a special step in your development offering many new opportunities. Orientation, learning how to study, coping with exams, graduating – at times, all of this creates uncertainties and possibly also difficulties. Those who sometimes feel they cannot manage by themselves have an experience known to many.

According to a survey of the German National Association for Student Affairs, a quarter of all students experience a serious crisis during their studies. That is why many want support in coping with their study situation. A short conversation can help sometimes; several chats can also be offered as part of our counselling service. Or maybe the issue is preparing in advance for an imminent challenging situation.

We support you with:

  • difficulties with study, learning, and working disorders, 
  • exams preparation, and exam anxiety
  • time management
  • personal and social problems
  • cross-cultural issues
  • child and family

 ...and any other subjects which are of importance to you.

We advise you

  • online
  • one-to-one interview
  • workshops and seminars (in German language)

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