Beate Bastian 1057 hoch webApart from their studies (lecture times, exam times, etc.) studying parents/pregnant students are also concerned about how to harmonise their “studies and child” so that together with their child they can look back upon a rewarding period of study.

It can be helpful to have someone to talk to who clears things up and offers support.

For instance, the following items can be raised:

  • “Studying with a child” general questions
  • Opportunities for child care / financial possibilities
  • Information about further advisory services
  • Arrangements for everyday life (studies, child, etc...)

Mrs. Bastian is available as the contact person for both students of the University of Koblenz as well as the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Koblenz) located at Höhr-Grenzhausen, and the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Koblenz) on the RheinAhrCampus in Remagen.

Consultation hours:

University Koblenz
Room D101
Tuesday 12.30-13.30
Hochschule RMC
Room HU16
Thursday 9.30-11.00
Hochschule RAC
Room D014
Wednesday 11.30-13.00

In addition to the above opening hours individual consultation appointments can be set up via phone or email.

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The day nursery is an essential establishment for upbringing, care and education. In the first instance, it is aimed at encouraging a child’s development into an independent and socially competent personality, and, furthermore, at supporting the parents in their child’s upbringing – thus creating the framework for a better harmony between studies (working life) and parenting.

The regular social surveys of the German National Association for Student Affairs have shown that, for years, the number of students with a child has been fairly constant between 6% and 7%.

Students with a child face a number of additional problems which can directly affect their order of study, as it is a matter of harmonising their studies, child and often also a job. On average, students with a child work about three hours more per week than their fellow students without a child.

Compared to students without a child the order of study of studying parents is clearly more erratic, i.e. it is more often characterised by interruptions and changes. Almost every second student with a child has interrupted their studies once, female students much more often than male students. The great majority of female students with a child have interrupted their studies because of pregnancy or their child’s upbringing. Every second studying father has also taken a break from his studies in order to raise his child. For studying fathers the second most common reason for interrupting their studies was the necessity to work.

At the university day nurseries studying parents are to receive the general conditions to improve their chances for a successful order of study or academic career.

It is the aim of these establishments to enable parents to continue with their studies and complete them successfully, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, to encourage mothers and fathers to start a university course despite being parents. Like the parents, we also focus on the child’s best interest in our work.

We offer places in day nurseries and in mixed-age groups in the kindergarten area in the establishments at the university sites.

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