The central dining hall at the University of Koblenz campus in Metternich started operating at the beginning of the summer semester of 2002. The kitchen produces up to 2,000 meals per day. As the catering facilities originally designed for a maximum of 1,600 students were decidedly too small with a capacity of altogether 312 seats (213 dining hall and 99 cafeteria seats), the new dining hall annex building between the buildings B and D was opened in May 2007. This glass annex added a capacity of 192 seats. Thanks to modern separation devices it is possible to separate 70 of the seats into a seminar or meeting room.

Mr. Wolfgang Augustin and his team are responsible for the menu preparation on-site (phone: 0261 287-1121).

Tip: Those who can should try to avoid the peak hour and the resulting queues between 11.45 am and 12.45 pm.

Opening hours

Contacts: Refectory at University

Augustin, Wolfgang Augustin, Wolfgang Küchenleiter Uni-Campus Koblenz
Doua, Brahim Doua, Brahim Stellv. Küchenleiter (Standort Uni) - derzeitiger Einsatzort: Hochschule Koblenz RMC

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