The apartments in our dorms are completely furnished, but there are still some important things you might need for a comfortable start. Therefore we offer a starter package to all foreign students, including basic equipment for your apartment. If you would like to buy one, please pay 50 Euro with your first payment in advance.




Contents of the Starter-Package:

1 bed linen
1 sheet
1 blanket (140*200cm)
1 pillow (80*80cm)
1 bath towel (large)
2 bath towels (small)
4 clothes hanger
2 dish towels
2 plates
2 soup plates
2 cups
2 cutlery sets
1 spoon set
1 cookware (3 pots)
1 pan
1 bag




Die meisten der von uns verwendeten Lebensmittel beinhalten keine deklarationspflichtigen Zusatzstoffe. Herstellerseitig werden aber viele Produkte prophylaktisch mit einem Hinweis auf eventuell vorhandene Spuren gekennzeichnet. Diese müssen daher in unserer Liste der Zusatzstoffe aufgeführt werden.

In unseren Speisen wird kein Glutamat verwendet. Dies gilt auch für sonstige Geschmacksverstärker mit E-Nummern. Statt dessen enthalten viele Produkte Hefeextrakt, also ein Naturprodukt. Viele frische Produkte enthalten übrigens natürliches Glutamat, so zum Beispiel Tomaten, Erbsen, Pilze, Käse sowie die bereits erwähnte Hefe.

Students can borrow a mobile stage from the Koblenz Student Service Organisation. The stage consists of 10 individual elements which can be rented in any quantity. One element is 1 x 2 m. The stage may only be used in a dry place and is not suitable for use outside in the rain. If you use the equipment on the university grounds you may only do so with a roof.


Here you can see a stage animation from the manufacturing company.

You can download assembly instructions here:

By request of the manufacturing company we would like to particularly point out that the support brackets need to be snapped into place when the stage is 40 cm high.

If you are interested, please send your requested rental period by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. mit. You will be notified when you can sign the rental contract in the Service Office of the Student Service Organisation at the University of Koblenz, Room D 112.

The stage is stored in a hall of residence in Koblenz-Metternich. The parts are handed out by the caretakers of the halls of residence. Please note that the transport requires a van and that 3-4 adults are needed to move the stage.

You will be given the contact details of the caretakers, who will hand out the stage elements to you, in good time so that you can discuss the further organisation with them over the phone.

One element of 1 x 2 m including accessories (rails, etc.) is rented for the fee of €2 per day. Please bring your ID card and your current student ID card when you come to sign the contract.

In order to borrow the stage you will need to deposit of 200 Euro in cash. Please also bring the money along when you come to sign the contract.

Haben Sie Ihre Mensakarte verloren? Gefundene Mensakarten werden im Servicebüro gesammelt und 2 mal wöchentlich auf einer Liste publiziert. Die Liste finden Sie weiterhin täglich aktualisiert außen an der Tür des Servicebüros (Raum D112).