Photo of Salad barWe offer students of the Koblenz Universities an extensive range of dishes at the dining halls of the Student Service Organisation. Our facilities are also available to staff as well as our Universities' employees and guests.

In order to meet our guests' taste we analyse the specific purchasing characteristics of our visitors: in general, our students are young, have a relatively low income, work mainly mentally and are open to modern nutrition trends as well as international specialities and organic products. As a consequence, with our offer we have to convince the fast-food-eater as well as the vegetarian.

In our dining halls every day during the semester we offer two different menus - one of which is vegetarian - as well as a big selection of salads and home-made dressings at the salad bar. At the extra counter every day the hungry can expect to find several different pasta offers. Since 2009 on booking in advance our guests have been able to receive a vegan menu.

Our efforts in the food segment are aimed at including organic products, MSC fish (MSC = Marine Stewardship Council) and regional products as often as possible. In this context, we mainly purchase regional fresh meat products, and the potatoes also come from a local farmer. Since 2010 we have invariably been buying fresh free-range eggs.

Menu: University Campus