Students with a child face a number of additional demands which can directly affect their order of study, as it is a matter of harmonising their studies, child and often also a job. On average, students with a child work about three hours more per week than their fellow students without a child. The majority of female students with a child have interrupted their studies because of pregnancy or their child’s upbringing. Every second studying father has also taken a break from his studies in order to raise his child. For years, the number of students with a child in Germany has been fairly constant between 6% and 7%.

Alongside their legal obligation for the raising, care and education of children, the day nurseries of the Koblenz Student Service Organisation offer studying parents the general conditions to be able to manage a continuation and a successful completion of their studies. In addition to the day nurseries parents are also offered advice on the subject of “studying with a child”.

As the contact for advice on “studying with a child”, Mrs. Bastian offers explanations and support. Just arrange an appointment.

Advice “Studying with a child“