The Koblenz Student Service Organisation is one of 58 Student Service Organisations in Germany. Across the nation, the Student Service Organisations are responsible for supporting economic, social and cultural matters as well as the health care of currently 2.8 million students (winter semester 2017/18). In doing so, they create the general conditions for successful studies... for studying to succeed!

The Koblenz Student Service Organisation with its currently 150 members of staff looks after roughly 18.400 students at the University sites Koblenz, Remagen and Höhr-Grenzhausen (winter semester 2017/2018).

Gabriele Riedle-Müller is the Managing Director of the Student Service Organisation.

The Student Service Organisation is a modern service provider and acts in the following areas of business for the students and universities it is responsible for:

- university catering in dining halls and cafeterias
- construction and management of student halls of residence
- arranging private accommodation
- advice on financing studies (KfW loan, educational loan)
- advice
- child care in our three nurseries at the University campus and the Koblenz and Remagen campus of the University of Applied Sciences
- supporting international students
- the international social ID card (ISIC)
- supporting students' cultural activities
- other services (legal advice, removal van...)

The Student Service Organisation finances these services mainly through the following income sources:

  • own service charges, especially from the dining halls/cafeterias as well as halls of residence
  • social contributions by students
  • funds from the state of Rhineland-Palatinate

The tasks of the Student Service Organisation are regulated by the German State University Law. The Student Service Organisation is made up of two organs, the Board of Directors and the Managing Director.

The Board of Directors consists of professors, a chancellor, a public figure and four students.

The Board of Directors deliberates and decides on all matters of fundamental importance. The Managing Director leads the current business and represents the Student Service Organisation to the outside world.


Members of the Board of Administration 2017/18

Professor Dr. Jürgen Kremer Chairman
Professor Dr.-Ing. Dietrich Paulus Professorial Member
Professor Dr. Daniela Braun Representative chairwoman
Heidi Mikoteit-Olsen Chancellor of the Univerisity of Applied Sciences  Koblenz
David Langner Public Person
Felix Fricke Student Member, RheinMoselCampus of the University of Applied Sciences Koblenz
Celine Dünnebier Student Member, RheinAhrCampus of the University of Applied Sciences Koblenz
Mike Simonsen Student Member, Campus Koblenz ot the University of Koblenz-Landau,  till 11.07.2018
Fabian Ott Student Member, Campus Koblenz of the University of Koblenz-Landau, off 11.07.2018
Yannick Höhn Student Member, Campus Koblenz of the University of Koblenz-Landau




 The board of Directors in April 2018

Please see the business report for more information about the Koblenz Student Service Organisation.


You can find information and tips about everything related to your studies in our information brochure.

Since October 1996, there has been a place to go to at the Koblenz Student Service Organisation for students in exceptional situations. In 2011, on its 15th anniversary, the Psycho-Social Advice Centre created an evaluation brochure for quality assurance and advancement.