In our dining halls every day you can choose from two menus - one of which is meatless - and also a diverse salad bar during term time. If notified in advance, vegan* meals can also be prepared.

weekly menu

Every menu contains

  • soup,
  • main meal with a choice of salad or vegetables,
  • dessert.

At our popular extra counters every day during term time we also offer several additional menus to choose from.

Hungry people who do not want to use our dining hall range of food can choose from the wide range of offers at our cafeterias or at the bistro on the University campus. The latter offers a weekly changing bistro menu available all-day as well as a tempting cake counter in the afternoons. From 2.30 pm on Mondays to Fridays you can buy a slice of cake plus a coffee beverage of your choice for €2.50.

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At the popular extra counter at lunch time you can get a variety of pasta meals with a choice of sauce for the normal price of a menu. A starter, a salad and a dessert is served with the pasta. During lecture-free times the extra counter is usually closed. Please check the times in the relevant news entries.

*Information about the vegan menu offer: Until 10 am from Monday to Friday you can pay for a vegan menu (regular price for a menu) at the cafeteria cash desks, where it is promoted daily on a small blackboard. You get a receipt which also serves as a meal voucher at the dining hall cash desks. If, as part of the normal weekly menu, one of the menus is prepared completely vegan anyway (and marked "VEGAN"), the additional vegan menu and the payment process at the cafeteria cash desk are omitted.

Special diet for health reasons

Do you rely on special dietary requirements for health reasons? Do you suffer from a lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, an allergy against certain foods (such as nuts)? Please contact our head chefs. It is possible that a menu adjusted to your illness can be prepared for you (after prior notification). Please contact Marc Loose (phone: 02642 932-193).

Meal prices from 01/01/2017

  • student menu: 2.20 Euro
  • employee menu (University of Applied Sciences): 4.20 Euro
  • employee menu (Student Service Organisation): 4.20 Euro
  • employee menu (University of Koblenz): 4.20 Euro
  • internal guest menu (University of Applied Sciences): 5.60 Euro
  • external guest menu (third parties), cash payers, visitors: 5.60 Euro

Prices for side dishes

Status: 01/04/2017

type of side dish
side salad* 0.40 Euro 0.60 Euro 0.80 Euro
roll 0.40 Euro 0.40 Euro 0.40 Euro
vegetables 0.40 Euro 0.60 Euro 0.80 Euro
fruit 0.40 Euro 0.60 Euro 0.80 Euro
dessert 0.40 Euro 0.60 Euro 0.80 Euro
soup 0.20 Euro

0.40 Euro

0.60 Euro
French fries 1.00 Euro 1.00 Euro 1.30 Euro
*not including salad bar

The side dishes can be exchanged with each other.
Exceptions: soup and French fries

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